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James Cooper

Hahaha, this just keeps getting more interesting. Good luck to both you and Shane, and whoever else takes up the challenge.



Kick his ass, Annie!1

(Okay, so you two aren't competing. Kick his ass anyway! Hee.)

Can't wait to read tomorrow's post.


Oh this looks so interesting :) I like your new rules! Onward!

Cherry Indigo

Very cool! I like it. Here's a reader topic to consider...what do you think it would be like to be Britney's roommate in rehab?

Looking forward to 30 in 30!


I really hope you can hang with the 30 posts because I hate rule #1. And I don't think rule #3 will be a problem.... nothing I have ever read in your blog, sucked.... not even close.

I visit here every day - it will be very cool to read the fresh offerings each time!! I sooooo love this idea. Is Shane going for it too??


Geeeeezzzz - I'm such a blonde.... I asked the question before I checked Shane's blog. DOH...

Shane Nickerson

you're on.


Da Shanestah is weak. You vill crush him.


Annie, I don't have a topic yet, but I too am SO NOT DOWN with Rule #1 so I'm just here to kick your ass and say you better post something today! In return I'll come up with a topic for you this weekend. I know it's only 1:00pm but an ounce of prevention and all that.


I usually try really hard not to nitpick spelling, but I have to ask: doesn't anybody know how "vice versa" is spelled? I think for every time I read it right, I read about five wrong spellings...

Also: I don't care if you manage to do this 30-30 challenge, but I shall be very cross if you shut down this blag. I prefer one of your posts every couple weeks to none at all.


kamagurka - I confess to having a spelling lapse now and then - but I don't worry about it, nor do I feel compelled to correct others when they do. I'm impressed that you know how to spell "vice versa"... now all you need is to know how to spell blog and you're down...


I am in blog heaven! You and Shane posting and having playful banter again? I live for it, sad as that sounds :)

Rock on, Annie! I'll be trying the 30 in 30 too. I'll just start from today though, 'cause I missed the first week and I don't know that I can post 7 posts today to catch up :)

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