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I dare you to send me the first 3 paragraphs of what you write in that notebook. :-)

Then, if I can figure out how, I'll get you a gift certificate for that 'legal crack' as a reward. And that will be reason number 4 to get out of the hole today.

Happy writing! This happens to the best of us. Really.

M. Douglas Wray

4. Someone loves you and needs you


When I lived in Humboldt County, I drove about the same distance to the beach every weekend with exactly the same tools to listen to the waves crash and write. The ocean is a healing element...Go for a dip in her if you have the time...


Well done!




I always enjoy visuals. Keep it up, Annie; you're doing fine. :-)


I am a big fan. I love your bittersweet-humor-filled writing. I stalk your blog for the honesty & quality, so I do not mean this to sound flip or superficial AT ALL ... but your nails look fucking great. Seriously, it's such a lame thing to notice and comment about, but damn. My nails are awful.


I love seeing a wedding band on your finger so so so so much.


What needs to escape? What is trapped in your mind that must be written? We all know (those of us who know writers) that it's a compulsion, that you have no choice, it's Required.

And we both love and envy you, those of us who have no skill at it.


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