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I checked in for a moment. I'm very confused.


just remind them you have a +4 mace of ubarg33k repel, with a +2 to boob gaze, no save roll.

Rohan the Thunder Chick

Oh my. Everytime I read these posts, I die a little from laughter. Pretty soon I will be dead and it will be all your and Wil's and Shane's fault!!

Bitty Boop indeed

M. Douglas Wray

The Force is strong with this one.


I love you.


Am I the only one insanely addicted to Annie's blog?


I'm addicted. Sometimes (OK, a lot of times) Wil says things that go right over my head and I am just not funny enough to be snarky about it. But Annie is, and she proves that with paybacks, losing a bet can be more fun than winning.


This is the most fun since the circus town episode of XFiles.

Go get 'em, Annie!


I was really moping around this morning before reading this. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and cheering up my day!



Wil had it right...you Sertich girls are crazy funny. This war between you and the Lost Boys is classic! Don't lose the blog after you destroy them! This grumble gargle blog bippity boppity shane steffie rumble beep boop tap tap stuff is hysterical. Besides, you don't want your sister to forsake you in the cold cruel world outside of the bloggerama, do you?


No you're not alone! I'm insanely addicted too! Love the assist from Angel too -- +2 to boob gaze. Humor, intelligence, and boobs? The nerds will declare her Empress of their universe!


I'm in full agreement with iamhoff - you rule all and the Lost Boys cower at your blog mojo (even if they can't admit it yet).

Like I said on Stef's blog, you are scary funny (emphasis on scary...).


Do the McNugget Pants come in 30-32?


It's gone a little homoerotic there. I'm sure there's a history explaining that, and you hollywood types are always having orgies and stuff anyway right? Well, keep it up! It's hella funny!

Of the three of them, you're the funniest. And I say that only to put the other two down. ;)


Oh, one thing. Can you make this typepad blog NOT show my email?


I am loving your blog. Found it through Wils, and now I have a RSS bookmark, so I know when You've up dated.

Keep it up. YOu ROCK! \oo/


You rule! Totally!
I love harry potter!
LOL..drool* fangirl* drool*

Do not stop Or I will hold Steffie HOSTAGE!!
JK :)
Keep up the awesome work!
Wil is trying to do audio podcasts to beat you!
Answer the battle call!


Note to self...Dont read slashfic while reading JF's blog (sue me. i dont want to type it out)at the same time.Ooops.


Girlz rule!

*fist pump, smacks hip, blows kiss*


So glad you lost the bet, your blog rules the world. You might even become cooler than your enemy Wheaton if he isn't careful. ;)


Oh Geez you were winning on points but Wil pulled out one king hell counter defense - how can you make him seem nerdier than the post with "THE" sweater?


This joke is old.


Oh Danny Boy:

With a lame comment like that you are just begging to be blogged about. Begging. Poor thing.

Paul K

You're freakin' hilarious. Better than that poser Wil (whom I read everyday anyway). Don't stop just because the bet is over!

Some Guy

Annie - I was enjoying your posts. You need to get on the stick (or off, whatever the case may be) and post again -or- at least post some pics sans clothing. Otherwise else I'll be forced back to Total Fark for entertainment...

(Pitiful attempt to obtain smut shots)

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