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I really had to bite my tongue (well I guess my keyboard), but I did manage not to jump on the first day comments band-wagon.
I got here via the Duke's tPad space(rarely do I visit the King's DOM - he has no clothes).
Funny stuff, I really like the format. Hopefully you will continue past the week - the gaggle will be pleased.
Now this really looks like geek in girl's clothing:
AND ...
"Well, look at that Jesus! King Wheat-Thin responds:",
way funny.
Wil knows not what he has unleashed. Jesus loves you, and so do we!


*dies laughing*

-fan for life


Obviously, you wanted the pictures to be holiday-themed but, really: you needed an excuse to lay a big, fat loooooser 'L' on your signficiant Dick, didn't you? Insignificant Dick's picture was just the setup to fake us out. Admit! You know it to be true.

Keep beatin' those Dicks down.


Admit it Annie, you're a nerd wannabe. You wish your middle name was Richard.


you shouldn't have to blog on a holiday, it's just not right. you're a wife and mother, you have enough to worry about.

stupid nerds.


you are so funny! I hope u dont stop after the manditory week.


Great follow-up, Annie! You had me laughing hard again.

You know, it's a pretty evil thing to do to someone; making them blog daily.

Now you're forced against your will to look at Life with a Blog Eye.

Tip: Cat Blogging is always a good fallback if you want to be lazy. Rather than sweatin' a blog, simply post a pet pic with an "Awwww!" underneath it. "THIS IS MY CUTE PET!"

And you're done!

/does it all the time
//doesn't care if it's lame


Several people think you are Anne, my wife, not Annie, my dance partner from ACME.

I am one sexy Indian, though, aren't I?



Well done. I applaud you for losing a bet but then fulfilling it by giving the Dicks the smackdown.

Holger Dors

OK, could please someone explain to me what this "elbow and send" stuff means? Please?


Mm. Next time the King gives you a brutal nerd rebuff, threaten to shave his ewok bald.

That doesn't work you could always say "Jesus never liked you. That's what he told me since I'm his favorite. He also said that Gandalf is a pansy."

Boo yah.

Sorry. I am having a bad day at the office thus I am feeling uber silly.


Do a google for Elbow and Send... :)


Kid Herder


LOL I'm loving your blog, Annie! I hope you keep it up. :o)


Once again, you rock. Yet another blog entry better than Wil's who's just bitching about pies. There's something wrong with a man who whines so much about pies.

Continue.. but please remember during the course of the week to list every nerd movie, game, inside joke and reference on the planet. I don't know much about Shane but I do know that they will most likely apply to Wil in some way.

Wil, if you're reading this, all in good fun, of course :) Annie's just.. MY favorite this week.


"Let me stop petting my Ewok and adjust my cape. Just a moment."

I almost peed my pants.

Annie, I hope you continue the blog, it makes me laugh every time.


""Let me stop petting my Ewok and adjust my cape. Just a moment."

i fell off my chair and spit water. end of story.


So glad I could assist with the IMDB info and you getting to the true nature of your lil indians. Tried to locate the 1984 Tean Beat but evidently you obtained the last pristine copy. Keep up the good work though, the more you post, the more the guys do, so you're obviously inspiring them (translation a la Will: they're giving your more material with which to crucify them). Get em, JF!


OMG, searching for the Teen Beat to see if I could photoshop it (c'mon Wil, FARK would love it) and ran across this post. The fact that it's a blog... well, I'm sure that you can find something entertaining to do with it.



Dear Blog,

Annie doesn't understand nerd talk, but she is still good at blogging. However, she does understand the need for the shield against the nerd tractor beam, which is more important than she knows.

Well played, lady.


*dies laughing*

Terry H

Once again it is proved, it takes two guys to equal one woman - no, wait - more than two. You rule! Adding this to my daily blog-check list.

Just a week? Aww...


Hi there,

I'm a regular king com reader. I like your new blog, keep it up! I can't post at his majesty's anymore since I refuse to get any of the accounts he's wanted us lowly servant monkies to get for the priviledge of posting. But I can comment to yours! YippEE!

What I like most is that you actually cut out kraft paper to make your photos the old fashioned way. None of the photoshop stuff! You're cooler than the loverboys just for that one alone!

Fabulous Geek

Hey, if you keep this up, i might just stop paying attention to King Wheat-thin's blog....

just don't tell him... he might send his ewoks after me....


Ahem... Day 3 and 4? Ahem?


Heys, yeah. I mean where's Friday and Saturday's? Or at least Friday's cause on the east coast its only 3 pm right now.
And you kow, pie is kind of a big deal at Thanksgiving....
I'm glad I added you to my blogroll!

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