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I love how as soon as Shane goes on hiatus there aren't any comments.

Makes me think he's actually everyone that comments...


Khalil A. Cassimally

Maybe that would be the ideal time for you to consider becoming a blogger.

I mean, blogging again and again. And again.


It's good you are sharing your grief instead of keeping it all bottled up inside.
Will you be wearing black the entire month?


Wow. such wonderful poetry. Im speachless. My lit teachers, however....
I havent read his blog yet. Maybe sense he's on hiatus I should catch up.
And I havent re-read anything under the convers sense I was 9. I have no life.


Wait . . . are you trying to tell us that you're going down in a blaze of glory?


huh-huh. Huh-huh. Wil said 'going down'. Huh-huh. Huh-huh.


I think that deep down inside you, there's a nerd screaming to get out.


I guess you were just too much competition for him.
It's just you and Wil now...


Obviously, the format of these pages needs to be changed to black on black. Such webfu is not enough to defeat them but perhaps it will slow them down.

"It okay lose to opponent. Must not lose to fear!" - Mr. Miyagi, _The Karate Kid_

M. Douglas Wray

(cups hand to ear, obviously hearing faint strains of 'Blaze of Glory')

Rock on babe. Be Strong.



Its fun to watch close friends eviscerate (quick spell check, holy shit, I got it right) each other in a public forum... At times like these I'm thankful that none of my friends can verbally abuse me in such a fashion.


Maaaaaybe I missed something...or maybe this humour is just so advanced that my feeble brain could never understand it, but...

Doesn't even want to make fun of Wil? Guys, she's REALLY, TRULY, HONESTLY depressed. In the short time I've learned about her, she'd NEVER give up an opportunity to mock Wil to the masses.

But...she's depressed about nerd stuff. Nickerblog. And now she's taking nerd action ("hacking my way into your encrypted mind...")

Wil...admit it. This was never about showing how great/difficult blogs are. You and Shane planned this all along to convert her to nerddom with your nerdery.

I'm on to you.


Oh GTZ...don't you worry sweet blogger...my depression is being lifted as we speak.

Wil: "Blaze of glory?"
Point for you.


If nothing else, do it for Tommy and Gina, who never backed down.

This trail made my day.


re: ShaneSerack, "I think that deep down inside you, there's a nerd screaming to get out."

It's Shane! She _ate_ Shane!!!

Where's the ipecac?!


Nickerblog Nickerblog, boo bitty boo,
Rest in peace nerd diggity doo.

That made me giggle out loud. My co-workers looked at me funny.

It was funnier when I recited it out loud.

Cherry Indigo

Wow...to be acknowledged IN the blog itself...I'm just...well...I...


I'd like to thank the Academy...

Wait. Wrong speech.

Damn it! I ALWAYS screw that up.

And now I've ruined the moment.


I guess I have missed something major ... but can someoe please enlighten me on the phrase "elbow and send".

Thanks in advance


Guys, I should tell you, I should tell you...

Annie's about the biggest theatre nerd you'll ever meet. Although she casts stones at us from behind her transparent wall of Capezios, leg-warmers and monologue books, we are impenetrable. Tech nerds are so much higher on the nerd scale than theatre nerds. Maybe you can gather up everyone in your acting class and challenge us to a dance-off. We'll laugh at you from behind our Powerbook G4's, but I promise that we'll totally blog it anyway.

Also, I find it odd that someone who pretends to know nothing about the internet seems to have mastered basic html, uploading pictures to a website and formatting them, and at least marginal photoshop skills.

I'm just saying...



You got some great resolution in that picture of your soul. Sharing your black void like that... now that's blogging courage.


All I know is that I'll be rocking out to some Slippery When Wet on the way home.

I may even tease up my hair just for the ride.


ahahaha! Nerd!Shane called you a Nerd...

You must be the queen of nerds, Annie.



Annie, I'm new to the whole Shane and Wil thing. Your blog entries (I've already said) are terrific.
But clearly with this post you've outed yourself as Queen of the NERDS. Or at least Princess.
PS: I was suspicious of this already BTW.
PPS: When I used to live in Californica, there was a guy in our building that was special effects, David Stipes, and he gave us this really cool stuff from Star Trek, so I think I have a photo with Wil's autograph on it. How cool is that?!?


mister nickernerd,

you bring up theater but if i remember correctly, someone i know STARTED acting because of some play he was cast in? i'm sure it's in your blog.

and mastering basic 'htm whatever you call it' only makes me NOT RETARDED, not a nerd.




The nerd pecking order:
Music Nerd
Tech Nerd (cutting edge)
Real Movie Nerd
Book Nerd
Theater Nerd
Sci Fi/Horror Nerd
LowTech Nerd (ie swap meet tech)
TV Nerd

These aren't hard and fast rules, but more of a rough estimate of the nerd pecking order, at least viewed through my own nerdish obsessions past and present.

Most Nerds have multiple obsessions, some of which are jobs, which can be very good or very bad...

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